Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Products for Port Nova Media (including ASTRAL EMPIRES)

Greetings!  I decided to do a blog format for sharing information about the new ASTRAL EMPIRES science fiction roleplaying and wargame series as it offers the most flexible means of communication for what we're looking for.  We recently released three products for combined arms ground-based miniatures combat: Strike Legion and its two expansion modules.  They are available at Wargames Vault and are currently all still in the top 10, with the core game Strike Legion at #3.  You can find out more at the following address:

In addition, our first two tactical starship systems are due out in the next week or so.  ASTRAL EMPIRES: NOVA COMMAND is a game where you can design your own units or choose to play as one of seven currently available fleets: The Technocracy, Felinoid Consortium, Merchanteers Alliance, Barony of Machiavelli, insectoid Qajari Writh, the far-off Galactic Federacy or the enigmatic Omnicron Singularity.  

Here is the book cover of the ASTRAL EMPIRES: NOVA COMMAND core system:

There is also a book of appendices and game aids which comes with it.  Here is the cover:
Lastly, there are two fleet books available for NOVA COMMAND detailing the seven currently available fleets.  One of the (hopefully) cool things about the entire ASTRAL EMPIRES project is the number of factions available for the multiple eras the game universe covers which allows for major changes to take place in the background setting over the course of the timeline.  Here are the covers of the two fleet books:

Keep an eye out for the next phase of ASTRAL EMPIRES from Port Nova Media (

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