Sunday, January 9, 2011


It is the year 02100.  The dawn of the Solar Age.  Terran humanity has begun reaching out to the heavens, first by taking unsteady first steps to the lunar surface and nearby Mars...  And then to both the inner worlds of Mercury and Venus and out to the distant reaches of the Solar System to the huge gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
But man has brought with his exploration something more than just a drive for discovery....  War.  Conflict. Piracy.  Economic exploitation.  These have all followed humanity as it begins sojourning amongst the Solar System.
Join us for those historical times as mankind first stepped away from its cradle...  The Wars of the Solar Ecliptic...

NorAm missile cruiser dropping off supplies to start-up colony on one of Saturn's lesser moons.

Panasian military vessel orbits Mars in 2117.
Northern Bloc vessel on station near Jovian sub-system.

Crown States military ships attempt to interdict a smuggling ship.
Yamato Corporate fightercraft thrusting away from their mothership.

United Earth Commonwealth of Nations warship (with solar panels retracted) servicing an Exploration Service craft.
UECON fleet vessel over Io along with an African Union patrol ship.

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