Wednesday, January 5, 2011

AEGIS COMMAND: Our Near Future Naval Combat Game

As I posted over at The Miniatures Page board, we're working on a near-future (circa 2050) era post-modern naval wargame called "Aegis Command".  The idea is to project the next few decades naval warfare developments and mix in some sci-fi elements, while remaining as "realistic" as possible. 

Here's the sample cover for the Core Rules:

 There will be a large number of vessels (based on extrapolations from current designs and those on the drawing boards) for the major fleets-The Panasian Sphere (China and conquered territories), the Northern Atlantic Alliance (US, UK and Canada), New European Union, Japan-Korean combined forces, South American Confederation (led by Brazil), Northern Bloc (Russia and allies), African Union, Israel, India, etc.  Each will be detailed with technical information in an attempt to project what naval combat will be like in the near future. 
 Below are some sample designs for various fleets:
A NAA fusion-powered supercarrier at sea with two ecorts.

New European Union cruiser/carrier hybrid.

NEU destroyer firing rail gun.

Weaponized satellite carrying "god-rods" for orbital-based artillery attacks.

Israeli strikeboats patrolling in the Mediterranean.

Medina League of Islamic States nuclear bombardment vessel.

Northern Bloc (Russia and allies) sub-orbital nuclear missile satellite.

NAA railgun-armed Leviathan cruiser. 

Washington class SSBN escorted by advanced SSN design.

Panasian supercarrier operating off coast of Australia.

Panasian attack subs in Hawaiin territorial waters.

United Earth Space Command orbital battle platform for enforcing UE World Council edicts.  
And just to show that it connects with our other ASTRAL EMPIRES stuff, here's a shot of that same United Earth orbital battle platform escorting a Zetan starship from the AE 02060: Invasion Terra era sourcebook. 

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