Monday, January 31, 2011


Now available through various RPG/Wargaming sites is the first of the ASTRAL EMPIRES era modules:
Solar Ecliptic 02100

It is the near future of mankind...  Humanity has finally left the cradle of Terra and slowly begun the move out into the Great Dark, into a massive galaxy they will one day dominate.  Spread thinly throughout the Solar System various factions of Old Earth vie for power and control of the vast natural resources of the inner and outer planets.  Still, for the time being, Mankind is all alone.... 
Or maybe not? 
Solar Ecliptic presents a complex political situation with numerous supernations fighting over dominance of Old Earth and its fledgling colonies all the while under the observation of distant alien intelligences pondering the rise of this new power.  There are many opportunities for adventure in this era of turmoil.  For in times of conflict come times of great opportunity...  And the chance to be present  during Man's first ascent to the stars....

Also available: here and here...  

Some sample material from AE: Solar Ecliptic 02100 (click on a picture for a larger view):

Friday, January 28, 2011

AE Ship Designs for sci-fi rpgs

Port Nova Media will be releasing (through Avalon Game Company) a number of ship modules for use with ours or any other rpg.  Each of these detail a ship design (or two) for use with roleplaying and are drawn from the different eras in the ASTRAL EMPIRES universe.  Here are a few pics from our first book available now at and

Marcher I and Cimmaron class vessels
Marcher I class floorplan
Cimmaron class vessel in gunship configuration (note forward dorsal weapon mount)

Cimmaron class basic floorplan

Sample material from AE: NOVA COMMAND

For those of you considering making a purchase of the NOVA COMMAND rules at either or here are a few more pictures of ships and materials available in the package (which I should mention consists of three different books).

They are available here:
and at Wargamesvault:


AE: NOVA COMMAND-Ships of the Galaxy Fleet Book (Five fleets)
Merchanteer's Alliance Capital Ship Counter
Felinoid ship counters (can be used with any game system)
Contact markers (can be used with any game system)
Technocracy cruiser.

Technocracy starship in orbit of Terranova.

Vorwin Star Viking ship with escorts (not in first fleet book).
Barony attack craft firing fusion missiles.
Technocracy Capital Ship Counters (for use with any game system)
Technocracy Security Fighters (for use with any game system)

Felinoid capital ship with fighter escorts.
Qajari Writh fleet on the warpath.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


(Also out of order, but here are three designs from the 04000s AD era of ASTRAL EMPIRES:)

Light warships of the Free Worlds League transiting between New Texas and Americus.

Ships of the Vattaran Regency on maneuvers. 
Missile ships of the Republic of Drakeworld carrying Angusa Mercenaries to a distant battlefield.
Terranian Alliance Ship-of-the-line firing multiple tactical missiledrone salvos simultaneously for effect.


(A bit out of order on the timeline, but here are some of the starships from the ASTRAL EMPIRES-04000 AD era):

Merchanteers Alliance battleship with two planetary defense escorts.
Qajari Writh fleet massing near Mutaru Sector.
Galactic Assembly capital ships firing their primary weapons in deep space.
Technocracy task force in orbit of Terranova, circa 05067.
Technocracy battleship with two cruiser escorts investigating a missing colony in Sirius Sector.


United in time of war...  Divided in time of peace....  As often had been the case in the history of the nations of Old Earth the coming of the 02400s was dominated by two major events.  The first was a civil war between the core worlds of Terra and her oldest colonies against the far flung worlds on the periphery of human space.  The second event was a result of the fragmenting of the Vanguard fleet in the Civil War that led to yet another incursion by the Pauk into the known worlds.  This would ultimately lead to a most devastating conflict between Terran humanity and this violent and sinister avian race and set back the exploration of the galaxy by centuries.
The ships of the Vanguard traversed the vast depths of space trying in vain to hold the worlds of humanity together.
Although lacking the massive ship construction facilities of the inner worlds, the Frontier Colonies were able to build their own capable warships by upgrading civilian vessels to military specifications.
Despite the impact of the conflict between the Terran worlds the Vanguard was still able to carry out some exploration during the 02400s, reaching as far as the Crux Galactic Arm.
Per their usual nature, the Pauk were quick to take advantage of humanity's crisis and their fleets penetrated deep into Terran territory before being repulsed by cooperative efforts between the Vanguard and Colony fleets.
The devastation of the Terran Civil War compelled many to pick up entire colonies and head out into deep space to find new homes far from the carnage.  This First Diaspora as it came to be called led to settlement of worlds far from mankind's core worlds and would affect the long-term history of the Mosaic Galaxy.
The remainder of the Vanguard fleet kept a lonely vigil during the late 02400s attempting to prevent the complete collapse of humanity's interstellar civilization.


It is a time of both exploration and consolidation.  Mankind has been voyaging amongst the stars for nearly two centuries.  With the withdrawal of the Pauk from the interstellar scene a time of relative peace exists but little do the peoples of Terra and their xeno allies realize that yet another great conflict is coming... 
The second half of the 02300s will will bring war once again to the known worlds as the Far Stars Imperium invasion, the return of the nefarious Pauk, and other conflicts large and small cast a shadow over the peaceful efforts to expand humanity's presence in the galaxy...

Terran Vanguard ships of the 02400s were among the most elegant and powerful spacegoing vessels of their time.
Vanguard exploration ships made tremendous contributions to astronomical knowledge during the first half of the 02300s before the rise of various conflicts altered their focus for the remainder of the century.
The Valiants were powerful warships that also took part in numerous exploratory missions for which they are better known.
The first of the Vanguard purpose-built craft optimized for military missions (as opposed to the previous dual-purpose exploratory/combat craft) were the Taurus class attack frigates.  Compact and powerful, they served into the 02400s.
The Royal class supercruisers became a common sight throughout the known worlds as the Vanguard expanded its fleet to deal with the unfolding conflicts that plagued the second half of the 02400s.
The return of the Pauk in the 02360s led to increased tension throughout Terran space.
Encounters with Cetan starships such as these warpods were fairly uncommon, but Terra reached out to this ostensibly friendly race in an effort to forge an alliance with the threat of war looming.
The war with the Far Side Imperium in the 02370s was the greatest conflict to occur during the 02300s, making the Kronan Cold War of the previous century seem like a trivial matter in comparative terms.
Ships of the Far Side Imperium were large and powerful and it was only through a unified approach to resisting these invaders that the known worlds were able to force back the attacks.
P'tharans were yet another offshoot of the Felinoid races, and posed a similar threat to the Vanguard that their T'Garan brethren had represented a century before.  In the end, peace was achieved through diplomacy and the immediate needs of resisting the Far Side invasions.
As was often the case during the early millennia of mankind's journeys amongst the depths of space the Vanguard often ran unto the silent but deadly Qajari Bryx.  This mysterious insectoid race was involved in three major incursions into the known worlds during roughly the same period as the Far Side invasions.