Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Wars of the Solar Ecliptic have ended.  The major powers of Earth have been subsumed into the mighty United Earth Commonwealth of Nations while the Outer Colonies have created their own military and political alliance protected by the fledgling Solar Navy.  Free Aries Colony stands alone between the two as gatekeeper to both the inner planets and the outer worlds.  The pirates of the belt have been defeated and now humanity turns its collective eye towards other nearby star systems.  Guided by the mysterious but ostensibly friendly Promedians mankind begins the long process of seeking out new homes for the descendants of Earth, now known as the Terrans.  The dawn of the interstellar age unfolds...

Solar Navy vessels operating over the world of Altaira.

Two ships of the newly unified Terran Vanguard fleet explore alien ruins from orbit somewhere in the Sirius Sector.
The Saladin VII Diplomatic Station was in full service until the 02270s.
Three of the impressive Valkyrie class warships engaged in military actions during the early 02260s.
Some of the experimental vessels of the 02260s Vanguard fleet ended up being too expensive for full service, such as the massive superdreadnought seen here with two Valkyrie escorts.

The passing of the guard...  A UECON superdreadnought built for the conflict of the 02260s hands off responsibilities for defending Terra to a newly built V-class cruiser. 
The 02271 incursion of the first Desolator encountered by Terran ships was a terrifying ordeal for those both in space and on the surface of Terra itself.
A second Desolator penetration of Terran space transpired in 02286 but the experience gained from the prior encounter led to a satisfactory resolution to the matter.
The vile Pauk were a birdlike race of creatures with an existence that seemed intended to wreak havoc on the peoples of Terra.
The Kronans were para-humans with a taste for conflict and a propensity for stirring up trouble between themselves and Terrans before they were overthrown by their own slave race, the Zarlacks. 
The Zarlacks rose to prominence in the 02270s and would remain a major power for nearly two centuries before migrating away from the known worlds.

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