Wednesday, January 5, 2011

02060 Era-United Earth Orbital Platform (aka Space Battleship Alpha)

In trying to connect the AEGIC COMMAND naval wargame to the rest of the ASTRAL EMPIRES universe I was trying to think of a craft that would relate to both terrestrial (and aquatic) concerns and orbital issues.  I came up with this design as the link between the two. 

The premise is this:  The AEGIS COMMAND era is around 02050, with a completely different political reality than we have today.  The UN collapsed during the Terror Wars and has been replaced by the United Earth World Council (much the same way the League of Nations gave way to the UN in the first place).  The UE, with major support from the New European Union and nominal recognition from other world powers has determined that they should be the first to possess a true military spacecraft in order to enforce UE edicts on use of the Earth's orbitals.  Thus is born the UESC Unitus (from the Latin word denoting "oneness, sameness, agreement"), a true space-going warship utilizing the technology of the 02050 AD era and built at the expanded International Space Station (now called United Earth Space Station One).
A powerful fusion-pulse engine powers Unitus, backed up by chemical rockets for additional propulsion capabilities.  In addition, Unitus carries hydrazine thrusters for docking maneuvers and other fine directional adjustments.  Her armament consists of four gatling chain-guns (chosen for reliability over the directed-energy weapons of the day) and four missile launchers carrying advanced missiles capable of targeting other space-going platforms or targets located on the surface of Terra. Other features of Unitus include the Habitation Module which is armored to protect against micrometeorites and incoming weapons fire and the Mission/Command module which may be detached from the ship for re-entry into Terra's atmosphere in an emergency.  She is the first Terra-built spacecraft capable of independent military operations and will serve as precursor to an entire line of Terran warships that will be built from 02100 AD through 50,000 AD.

The Unitus was the first combat starship built by United Earth, the beginning of a design lineage that would stretch over 50,000 of Terran-descended human history.
UESC Unitus schematic.
Unitus testing her fusion-pulse engine in orbit of Terra.

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