Friday, February 18, 2011

Astral Empires Open D6 Edition Complete

I'll be finishing up the final editorial touches and graphics work this weekend, depending in part on what I hear back from a couple of freelance artists, but I'm excited to say that the Open D6 Edition of Astral Empires is complete!  The basic set will include the Core Rules, a Galaxy Master's (GM) Guide, and a Technology book totaling about 420-450 pages.  These are all based on the D6 Space rules along with additional material added in to describe the setting, add numerous character and species templates, and attempt to tie the "feel" of the game back to the old Star Wars RPG of yesteryear.  The hope is to soon after this comes out publish the first sourcebook (The Great Galactic Wars-10,000 AD) and a sourcebook for the Lightspeed RPG (which formerly used the Fuzion rules).  I'll be posting here when each of these products are available through RPGNow and Drivethroughrpg.
The initial three-book .PDF set:

The first sourcebook:
And if all goes well, the second sourcebook will be the classic Lightspeed RPG (formerly of the Fuzion system) brought to the Open D6 system*:
(*Note: This may not be the final cover design for Lightspeed D6)


  1. Sweet, just stumbled upon your blog.
    This looks awesome!!!
    Will it be available in print format?
    Lightspeed rocks, I was never a fan of the Fuzion system, but d6 should be perfect for it!

  2. Open D6 lives on!

    Good luck.