Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Also for Astral Empires RPG-Retro 6!

Recently I posted about the (now complete and ready for publication) Astral Empires: The Roleplaying Game.  Based upon the Open D6 System it is a compilation of numerous Open D6 Space materials built around the Astral Empires 10,000 AD setting with numerous new character types and species templates.
Another project that goes right along with AE: The RPG is a settings book that strives for a classic "throwback" game feel.  Astral Empires: Drifters and Derelicts is based upon the Retro 6 ruleset we've created for some of our Open D6 settings.  It hearkens back to the games of the 1980s and early 1990s and uses an adaption of Open D6 that more closely parallels the old Star Wars RPG from West End Games of that era.  The idea is if you liked the ol' SW:RPG game back in the day this is an attempt to capture that same feel.
Set in the Long Interregnum of the 07000 AD era of the Astral Empires universe, Drifters and Derelicts describes a time period between major galactic empires when independent transports and freighters plied the great deep searching the thousands of abandoned vessels left over from earlier interstellar conflicts for loot and plunder...  and just plain survival*.  It was a hard time to be alive in the galaxy in many ways, but with an adventure around every corner who could really complain?
Coming soon from Port Nova Media!  
(NOTE: *It is probably also obvious that this is an attempt to transpose classic gaming dungeon crawls into deep space with some fun new twists). 

Current cover of AE: Drifters and Derelicts

Also along the same lines is our first sourcebook for Astral Empires, the 10,000 AD Great Galactic Wars.  Here is that cover (using the Retro-6 system as well):

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