Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fleet Books (with New Style Counters)

We are in the process of completing a series of "Fleet Books" (called "Battle Packs" for lack of a better term)  made up of pages of starship counters along with background "fluff" describing each class of ship and how it fits into the overall fleet dynamic.  These new counters are unique in that they are designed to be used in game systems that have 90 degree arcs of fire or hex-based six-60 degree arcs.  We have found them to work great with various systems, and have taken to calling them "Virtual Minis" as we're trying to give them something of a semi-3d look.  They're intended for people who want to be able to field large fleets in games but can't afford to stockpile a sufficient supply of miniatures.
Here are a few examples:

Cronan Imperium Attack Cruiser-02370 AD

NorAm Federation Through-Deck Cruiser-02175 AD

Pauk BattleShip-02370 AD

InterStellar Federacy BattleShip-02430 AD

Terranis Imperium DeepShip-25,000 AD

UECON (United Earth Commonwealth of Nations) BattleShip-02250 AD
InterStellar Federacy Strike Cruiser-02380 AD

Rex Hegemony BattleShip-02380 AD

Here is the sample cover of the first "Fleet Book"/"Battle Pack":

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free 'Full Thrust' Conversions

One of the projects we've been working on is creating free "Fleet Books" for various Astral Empires powers for existing game systems.  To start, we are focusing on the excellent Full Thrust starship combat game available for free from:
Here are a few samples of SSDs for these freebie "Fleet Books":

Keep an eye out for these new and very free "Fleet Books"!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Other upcoming OpenD6 settings from Port Nova Media

In addition to our Astral Empires products for OpenD6 we are planning to also release several non-science fiction settings.  The first two are both fantasy settings, one more of a general high fantasy setting (called "Terra Generis") and the other a more specific epic naturalistic fantasy setting entitled "Saga of Cambrya".  In addition, we have a superheroes setting called "Megaheroes" with the first sourcebook "Megaheroes of the Roaring 80s" to be released at or around the same time as the core book comes out.  Lastly, we are planning for two Zombie-related products "Sundown-Tales of the Zombie West" and "Braineaters-A Game of the Zombie Apocalypse".  We're hoping to have these completed this Summer and Fall if all goes well (check out some of the covers below):

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally... An update!

Hey everyone,
So, so, so sorry that I've been offline with this blog for a while.  Real life issues and all that....
Anyway, I just submitted the Lightspeed RPG for Mongoose Traveller to my publishing partner along with the first expansion book.  I'll briefly describe them below:

Lightspeed for Mongoose Traveller:

Already a fan of the Lightspeed RPG by Christian Conkle? Looking for something special to expand your play options with the Mongoose Traveller system?
Well now you can have both....
Presenting Lightspeed for the Mongoose Traveller system! Now you can play as a proud member of StarForce, or set your sights on the mysterious worlds of deep space as one of the vaunted Colonial Rangers.... Experience the terror of combat as one of the powerful felinoid Mronians, or face off in ship to ship battle against the evil Pan-Solar Empire... Whatever path your adventures take you down you can enjoy exploring this expansive universe offering many of the popular themes and elements of modern cinematic science fiction together in a single setting!
This handy science fiction gaming book contains everything you need to integrate the original Lightspeed setting with the widely-respected Mongoose Traveller rules. (NOTE: To maximize use of this book you will also want to have both a copy of the Mongoose Traveller Core Rules available from Mongoose Publishing as well as the original Lightspeed RPG available from Comstar Games and Port Nova Media.)
95 pages
Includes black and white/color illustrations
Also includes 68 color ship counters (to print for this or other games)

Also, the first expansion book which adds three additional "threat" races: the terrifying Saure, the mysteriously efficient Hunters and the dastardly Robot Nexus:
Lightspeed for Mongoose Traveller-Ranger Threat Assessment Guide

They are the dark threats that wait for us out in the depths of space.... Killer robots.... Deathwielding predatory aliens... The things that nightmares are made of...

This 32-page add-on book for Lightspeed-The Mongoose Traveller edition contains background information on the Colonial Rangers and some of their fiercest adversaries: The deadly Saure xenoroaches, the nomadic Hunters, and the machines of the Robot Nexus! In addition, various story ideas and plot leads are included to both flesh out the Lightspeed universe and give GMs and players some fun ideas to work with.

Illustrated in Black and White/Color

With any luck they'll be on sale soon at and other fine online game sites! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coming Soon!

Hey there,
I've been offline with Astral Empires for a month or so due to my work on emergency preparedness/disaster readiness issues which, since the recent events in Japan, have been at the forefront.  We are in the process of releasing the next batch of Astral Empires products so "stay tuned"! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Ship Guide: Venture-T Class Transport

I have submitted the file to the distributor for a new ship book for Astral Empires.  Containing stats for use with our upcoming D6 roleplaying game, this vessel is based on the idea of taking a decommissioned military cruiser of the late 02200s and converting it for use as a cargo vessel by using extensive automation (so that a player group of five or so can crew it).  It is (obviously) an homage to popular science fiction, but with unique and original twists including some interesting scenario ideas.  The original military design this ship is based on is found in our 02200 AD era "Bravely Venture" RPG and wargaming materials.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Virus Issue?

Dean over at just emailed me to let me know that someone encountered a virus when they came to visit this blog.  This is just a very basic Google "Blogger" site so I'm not sure what the issue might be and I haven't noticed any problems at all myself when I visit the site either to post or just as a reader (logged outof my account), but I apologize if anyone has had issues.  If you have encountered any problems please let me know by emailing astralempires AT and I'll try to figure out what's going on.
Again, my apologies.